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Account Management

Today’s modern society needs much modern solution for its proper management, which can replace the human efforts. Any Co-operative Society or Housing Society need a hassle free and efficient Society management system for managing its day-to-day activities which can even manage society’s accounting work also. Society management system has not only to deal with its complaints or accounts but has to keep an eye on all other facility and activities under the society premises.

Benifits of Account Management

for Residents

Income and Expense Tracker

  • Generate maintainance invoice for all Residents in one click
  • Auto reconcilliation and validate of payment against all invoice
  • Create & BroadCast Messages Notices,Polls,and AGM
  • Auto penality calculation and customize maintainace invoice calculation
  • Create voucher for all types of expenses and reminder notification for asset AMC

Report Management

  • Scheduled/download all types of reports like income & expenses,complaint,water,time tracker a of staff

Payment Management

  • Society Members can pay their maintainace dues online through payment gateway/update the invoice payment
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