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  1. The Company reserves the right to deny any refund requests and suspend the account of any customer/user who is found to have made more than three consecutive cancellations and charge a cancellation fee as it deems fit.

  2. The process takes seven days from raising a request until the release of refund payments if approved by the company.

  3. Refunds are processed to the source account within seven days of cancellation confirmation.

If you have any further questions or require assistance regarding refunds or cancellations, please reach out to our customer support team for prompt resolution.


  1. The payments made by Users using the Platform are also refundable under the circumstances if the Company cancels the order due to reasons not attributable to the User, including but not limited to the incapability of rendering Service, sudden unavailability of products after placing the order, etc.

  2. The Company reserves the right to look into the refund request of the User.

  3. If The Company is satisfied that the request and same fulfills any of the aforesaid conditions, then The Company shall process the cancellation request and refund amounts to the User.

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